Active Allies for a Flourishing Future

By Anna Michel

Active Allies began as “ClimateSparking”, a not-for-profit startup aiming to connect young adult climate advocates to sponsors and mentors who support them on climate projects. Felix and Anna put together a team with Costanza, Evan, Spencer; placed Keziah; and continued to work to raise funding and awareness.

The pandemic has laid bare our intersecting, collective public health emergencies. It’s not only COVID-19, but systemic racism, economic inequality, climate injustice, and threats to democracy. In this “stop-the-world” moment, we expanded the scope of the program, towards a vision of mass youth employment on pressing public health priorities like COVID and climate.

We say: Young people can lead in defending, repairing, and regenerating their communities. Active Allies recruits mentors, sponsors, and donors to support them in this essential work for our world.

Read more at Why We’re Starting Active Allies.

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