Costanza Gonzalo

My lightbulb moment 

My lightbulb moment happened during my first experience with the Sunrise Movement. In August of 2019, I participated in the Sunrise Movement West Summit where I first realized the power behind this movement of young climate activists. For the first time, I didn’t feel alone or hopeless. Instead I felt empowered and able to redirect my climate anxiety into very meaningful, powerful actions. That day we demanded the Democratic National Committee hold a presidential climate debate. Though they voted against it, we sparked national attention and motivated CNN to hold the 7-hour Climate Town Hall. Afterwards, I went back to school at UC Davis, eager to spread my new hopeful perspectives to build a brand new hub. 

Costanza Gonzalo, author at CCE.

About Me

I’m a student at UC Davis getting my B.S in Environmental Policy Analysis and Planning. Throughout my college career, I’ve been constantly reminded how we should have taken action, well, yesterday. My professors mainly emphasize the details about the problem but rarely the solutions. I’d never heard we could reverse global warming until very recently. I came to realize I needed to outsource my learning to more productive and positive sources. Now that I’m diving deep into the ecosystem of climate organizations in the Bay Area, I’ve become more confident that hundreds of incredibly smart people here are working on these tough problems. Not only will we survive — we will thrive. 

You can find me at LinkedIn and feel free to read my blog.

Organizations I Work With & Support (alphabetically)
Climate Restoration Circle
Sunrise Movement – Davis Hub


People I Read & Follow (alphabetically)

Climate Media (alphabetically)

  • E&E News for political climate and energy news (with no subscription required)
  • Inside Climate News for accurate climate science journalism