Dvorit Mausner

My lightbulb moment

I’m Executive Director at Manylabs, once a coworking makerspace for science enthusiasts. When we needed to pivot our impact model, we turned to our existing members for inspiration and saw that many of the projects under our roof were climate-related. Though climate change’s risks are well known, and solutions have been researched for decades, climate technology is still in a start-up phase. As the threats of global warming become our reality, but people don’t see industrial or political changes keeping pace, those with science and technology backgrounds are taking matters into their own hands. That self-starting innovation for our climate is desperately needed and incredibly exciting; it seemed like the right place to turn our attention.

Within the current climatetech landscape is the “carbontech” sector, which removes carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and turns it into value. Carbontech is one potential solution to reverse climate change that needs to scale as soon as possible. Its potential effect and newness led us to make it the new focus of Manylabs. Now, by connecting people and resources, Manylabs is building a community and support system for carbontech professionals.

About me

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I’m an entrepreneur and leader for social impact. My career has taken a fair share of twists and turns, but I’ve always built support, community, and resources for causes and businesses that matter. So supporting the Manylabs community of carbontech professionals is a natural fit for me.

However, it’s my first time working in climate. People may have a misconception that to work in climate change you have to have a PhD in earth sciences. Every industry needs many types of professional roles to get the job done. I feel lucky to be able to put my leadership and management skills to use for those whose projects can benefit from my business development or communications guidance.

Organizations, projects, and companies I work with & support 

See a list of some of our allies in our resource list of Climate and Carbon Removal Programs.  And Manylabs is proudly supporting the launch of the first carbontech accelerator, Carbontech Labs, with Carbon180.

Climate change in Northern California

Manylabs also hosts the The SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Initiatives directory, a resource list of climate actors in the Bay Area, thanks to our allies at the Healthy Climate Alliance.

Climate media 

Climate news has got to be on the top of everyone’s mind to keep pressure up on policy makers and industry leaders. I’m interested in how the media covers new climate reports, climate-related disasters, and advancing technology. Rather than follow any one source, I rely on Google Alerts to expose me to stories of interest all over the Internet. Some terrific articles spring up in unexpected places, which is ideal. People shouldn’t have to read science journals to learn about climate change.