Erica Dodds

My lightbulb moment

About a year before I moved back to my hometown in the Bay Area, I was working at my university in Michigan and was chatting with my dad, Peter Fiekowsky, over my lunch break. In every conversation over the previous year or so, he’d mentioned talking to people about the climate. I had politely nodded along without paying attention, since I knew that the climate was a lost cause and too dire to think about.

This time, he mentioned speaking with an official at the UN, and I finally started to pay attention. I asked, “What exactly are you talking to these people about?” He explained that our climate policy has been focused on avoiding the worst consequences of climate change, rather than targeting an outcome we want. What we all really want is to give our children a healthy climate. We’ve been afraid to say it out loud for fear of rejection or being laughed at. However, he said, there’s no reason that we can’t restore the climate, other than that we’re not bothering to try. My mind was blown.

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About me

I am currently the Chief Operations Officer of the Foundation for Climate Restoration. Find me on LinkedIn and Facebook, and F4CR on LinkedIn and Facebook. I also hold a Ph.D. in Interdisciplinary Evaluation, with a background in evaluation in international development, higher education, and nonprofits.