Peter Coughlan

My lightbulb moment

A lightbulb moment for me happened after discussions with climate scientists who helped me understand that the quickest solution to our current climate woes was to replace all the fossils we’ve burned up (as fossil fuel) with living, breathing, and carbon-sequestering life forms! And since 99% of the biosphere is found in the oceans, that is the most promising place to focus our efforts.

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About me

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I’m a social scientist by training, and a design consultant and teacher by practice. A couple years ago, it occurred to me that my skills in the social sciences, design, and systems thinking could help me contribute to the challenge of climate restoration in a unique way. I set about creating a company that could bring together “clean money,” regenerative solutions, and communities faced with economic or ecological challenges. Through a robust design process, we could combine these elements in new ways to restore the earth’s natural assets and make life better for humans too!