Can movies inspire conversations about climate?

By Felix Kramer

Movies, like books, graphic novels, and manifestos, can awaken, inspire, and energize people. People talk about movies all the time with their friends. Since climate is rarely a topic of conversation for most people, movies with climate themes can be one way to get people thinking and talking about climate change.

We’re waiting for movies that inspire people to imagine how we can get to a restored world, with a healthy air, land, and water, and enough resources for all people, flora and fauna to flourish.

We’re launching a crowd-sourced annotated list of movies that reflect the urgency of climate change, and its impact especially on our hopes for a livable future. It starts with a list of some recent movies with links, and a prototype of a summary about the movie & climate.

We welcome your suggestions of other movies to add and your comments and mini-reviews. See the start of our listings at this Google Doc.

NOTE: We’re looking for an editorial/distribution partner for this project — or someone to turn it into a big deal! In the future it will be findable at and/or

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