Restoring our climate can be your most compelling startup ever!

By Felix Kramer

Climate Changes Everything and the Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA) invite Ultra High Net Wealth (UHNW) entrepreneurs and technologists to join UltraWealth for Climate Health to rewrite our climate goals and restore global climate health. Our invitation is mostly directed to UHNW individuals and people who know them.

Restoring our climate can be your most compelling startup ever!

You’ve already achieved more than most people dream of. A trillion dollar opportunity awaits your skills, networks, and expertise. Highly successful entrepreneurs and technologists are best positioned to speed up recognition and adoption of safe, scalable solutions to reverse global warming and restore a healthy climate.

Go beyond your wildest, most ambitious aspirations and sign the UltraRestorers Pledge

Join up with people who won’t settle. They can’t see working heroically and desperately just to avoid the worst consequences of climate change. They recognize we already have ways to restore our air and water to pre-industrial quality levels by 2050, and rebuild Arctic ice even sooner! 

Climate restoration is starting. HCA is supporting this project as part of its goals to reverse global warming and restore our climate. We want to give our children a climate as healthy as our grandparents gave us. Starting with resources like concrete, kelp, and sand. Here’s a two-pager covering HCA, its goals, and some powerful solutions. 

UltraRestorers in UltraWealth for Climate Health can move fast enough to win big. By committing at least $1M in investments and donations — and recruiting from their networks of fellow entrepreneurs — to get startups off the ground and scaling quickly to:

  • Turn carbon into a valuable product;
  • Change public sense of what’s possible;
  • Spark corporate and government actions worldwide.

I’m Felix Kramer. founder of the Climate Changes Everything website and a Strategic Advisor to the Healthy Climate Alliance. Here’s my climate story. I led the successful We hacked/fixed standard hybrids and turned plug-in hybrids from a science project into mass-produced cars like the Chevy Volt. After our victory in 2009, I refocused on renewables. Then Drawdown gave me ways we can start now to reverse global warming. Now climate restoration leads me to say, “Maybe we’re not doomed.”  

I and my colleagues want to meet you, understand how we can get you on board, and get feedback on our approach to enlisting UltraRestorers. We can meet anytime F2F or on Zoom, answer your Qs, and share more details before or when we talk. We can talk through our deck with you.

We can help you discover how to write the most significant, exciting chapter in your life story—and world history. Check out UltraWealth for Climate Health or the UltraRestorers Pledge now.

Thank you for all you’ve done so far and being open to ambitious climate solutions!

Felix Kramer

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