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My lightbulb moment

My intellectual and emotional evolution accelerated in early 2017 when I read Drawdown and was inspired by plans and solutions to “reverse global warming.” On July 19, 2018, I woke up and said to my wife Rochelle, “For the first time since I started paying attention to climate change, I’m thinking: Maybe we’re not doomed!” I’m happier and more hopeful about our global future than I’ve felt in 15 years. Read more... 

Organizations, projects, and companies I work with & support

Plus 350, Sierra Club, Greenpeace, and Climate Reality for heroic national and global organizing

Climate change in Northern California

SFBA Climate Restoration Startups Directory for the new ecosystem that’s sprouting up
350BayArea for Bay Area action and awareness
Marin Citizens’ Climate Lobby Monthly Newsletter — Thanks, Peter Joseph

About me

Find me at LinkedIn and Facebook and See also Wikipedia (not updated recently). 

And here’s What Felix Kramer has written about climate change since 2005.

I see my role these days as a strategic advisor and writer on climate restoration: I want to understand how people feel and think about our climate challenges. I spotlight groups’ solutions and activities. And I offer hope, insights, and ideas to help shape what they say and do next.

I’m an ex-entrepreneur fortunate enough to be able to volunteer full-time on climate change — humanity’s greatest challenge ever. As a startup person & writer, I focus on “missing pieces” in climate awareness and solutions. In 2002, I started The California Cars Initiative (CalCars) and helped lead the successful campaign to commercialize a new kind of car, the plug-in hybrid. Now we have the Chevy Volt and many other PHEVs and EVs. Since 2009, I’ve worked with established groups and started projects, and advised and invested in cleantech startups.

People I read & follow (alphabetically)

Gil Friend for keeping track of so much
Hunter Lovins for fundamentals
Bill McKibben for his lifelong efforts
Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez for new visions: Message from the Future
David Roberts for strategy and snalysis
Rebecca Solnit for passionate language and insight
Alex Steffen for The Nearly Now: messages from the future
Greta Thunberg for intensity and inspiration

Climate media

The Carbon Copy weekly update from Carbon180
ClimateOne for events and podcasts when I miss them

Podship Earth for wide-ranging stories
ClimateProgress  Joe Romm has seen it all
The Daily Climate delivers climate change today by email
Greenbuzz email every Monday from GreenBiz
ClimateHope Media Project (our  project spreading the word about restoring our climate)

Thanks to Sarah & Marc from The Determined for this website and much more!

Ever since I saw the Millau Viaduct I’ve been haunted by this image of a beautiful, soaring human creation spanning a valley in Southern France. Can we engineer carefully and imaginatively and design for the needs of human and nature? Architect Norman Foster got it right! (And yes, it looks a lot like the Eastern Span of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.)

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