Hopeful ways to think and act on climate

By Felix Kramer

What if we make our goal to “Restore our Climate”? We’re launching this website to introduce this hopeful goal  and the solutions behind it. At Climate Restorers’ Stories, see how people describe their lightbulb moments and tell how it changes what they say and do about climate change.

Introducing Climate Restoration & the Healthy Climate Alliance

If we make our goal to Restore our Climate, we get hopeful and practical new ways to think and act. The term “Climate Restoration” is being popularized by an emerging organization, the Healthy Climate Alliance (HCA). Read, print out, and pass along HCA’s two-page summary about Climate Restoration and solution and its 16-page InfoPacket with background on HCA, climate restoration solutions, events, media, and a FAQ. 

Here’s HCA’s summary/elevator pitch:

The Healthy Climate Alliance is a non-profit education, networking, and advocacy organization. Its global dialogues unite stakeholders including the public, policy-makers, and technical and business experts. HCA is shifting our shared goal to reversing global warming and restoring the climate.

This generation has the opportunity to restore a healthy climate for our children. Current climate strategies aim to “mitigate” emissions and “adapt” to extreme climate impacts, but this is not enough. It is true that the global dependence on fossil fuels must end, and that the planet’s most vulnerable populations, species and places must be protected. But this alone will not guarantee a habitable planet.

HCA’s first and most urgent climate restoration goal is to protect the Arctic. Next is to reverse—not just slow—global warming, which requires drawing down a trillion tons of CO2 from the air. We have scalable, safe solutions to accomplish these goals. We have the means to affordably and safely restore the quality of our air to pre-industrial levels and revitalize vast ocean deserts.

These goals match the scale of the challenge and the scope of what we want. HCA builds public awareness, understanding, and support to develop and deploy the best solutions for these goals.

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