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By Anna Michel

published Oct. 4, 2019

In the past few weeks, Climate Restoration has picked up momentum! Joining climate activists and advocates who already know about Climate Restoration, many others are becoming inspired by our goal to restore a safe and healthy climate by 2050. In case you missed any of the events, resources, or reports, read on for several pieces of big, exciting news:

Ice911 Founder Leslie Field speaks at the Global Forum

Ice911 Founder Leslie Field speaks at the Global Forum

  • Experience & Share the Forum: Watch the compelling, 2.5-hour video at UN Web TV. Or read a transcript of the event, produced by ClimateChangesEverything (CCE), that starts with a selection of quotes from the speakers on their support for Climate Restoration. (If you want to copy and paste, here’s the Google Doc version).
  • Join the Coalition: Are you working on or interested in carbon dioxide removal, Arctic ice restoration, and ocean ecosystem restoration? After the Forum, we launched the Global Coalition for Climate Restoration. Together, we can accelerate these solutions and restore our climate. You can sign up as an individual or organization here.
The inaugural meeting of the Coalition for Climate Restoration

The inaugural meeting of the Coalition for Climate Restoration

  • Presidential Candidates & Climate Restoration: How ambitious are the candidates in their climate plans? Check out the Climate Restoration Emergency Action Report Card. The Sept.13 press release says of ten Democrats and two Republicans, just one has earned an A, and that’s in just one of six categories. They all have a ways to go! The report card is part of the Build A Movement 2020 project led by Dr. Paul Zeitz, who is also a senior policy advisor to F4CR.

Together, all these developments are putting Climate Restoration on the map globally. We hope you’ll spread the word!

Finally, I’d like to introduce myself as the first Climate Projects Manager. My name is Anna Michel, and I’m working with Climate Projects Sponsor Felix Kramer, whose name you may recognize. He’s a strategic advisor to the F4CR and founder of ClimateChangesEverything, where we tell the stories of people whose goals are to reverse global warming and restore our climate, and how they learn, talk, and act about climate change. (See Climate Restorer profiles for me and Felix at CCE). 

On the CCE home page, you’ll find links to other projects and ways to get involved, plus a three-part introduction to Climate Restoration that begins with Imagine: when you hear “climate” you feel inspired and hopeful. (Preview our next article: Natural Climate Solutions: The Doorway to Climate Restoration.)

As we adopt these goals, we feel more productive and purposeful, and we’re energized as Greta Thunberg tells Congress about her dreams and the UN about ending business as usual. Stay tuned for more! Subscribe to our mailing list here.

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