Are you a young person with a versatile skillset, entrepreneurial mindset, and a life goal to help reverse our climate crisis?

Get paid to help build a healthy future where all can thrive — become a Climate Project Manager!

**Please note: this opportunity as it launches is open only to those who are based in the San Francisco Bay Area. (While the work is mostly remote, you may attend weekly in-person meetings and events.)

As a Climate Project Manager, you can choose to work with one or two Climate Project Sponsors, part-time or full-time. Examples of Sponsor projects include campaigns to build political will for climate action, including restoration; to accelerate the transition to 100% renewable energy; and to ensure justice and equity are at the center of these efforts. 

You’ll start by reaching out to your Sponsor’s networks with the call to go beyond talking, beyond donating, to acting on climate in 2020 and 2021. Being a Climate Project Manager involves using your focus and creativity as a communicator, strategist, and networker to support the Climate Project Sponsor’s day-to-day activities and collaborate on larger projects with their team and/or partners. While you extend the Sponsor’s effectiveness, you’ll meet many people in their climate networks, making great connections for further opportunities. 

In August 2019, the first Climate Project Manager started working part-time with Felix Kramer, an East Bay environmental entrepreneur, writing articles and reaching out to over 1,200 people in his networks, introducing them to Climate Restoration and inviting them to collaborate. She then started working part-time with a second Sponsor, on a team organized by a Silicon Valley environmental entrepreneur, to write articles, lead strategic communications and social media, and help produce events. In early 2020, she became a salaried full-time employee with both Sponsors

If you’re recently graduated, about to graduate, or a few years into working/ organizing — and looking to get paid to do what you care about most — this can be your launchpad into the exciting, fulfilling climate career you dream of. (And as we hear from applicants with longer work histories, we’ll create another Project Manager category. For now, we’re giving priority to candidates in their early-mid twenties.)

If you’re volunteering as a youth climate activist, that will attract our attention. We also strongly encourage women, people of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and others less often seen in startup worlds to apply. 

To apply, catch up on reversing global warming at Project Drawdown, removing CO2 at the SF Bay Area Climate Restoration Initiatives Directory, and restoring our climate at ClimateChangesEverything and the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR); be sure to check out F4CR’s Global Climate Restoration Forum and White Paper. Then you’ll be ready to fill out our questionnaire. It’s like a cover letter, but more fun!

Another option (not required): in addition to completing the questionnaire, feel free to send your resume and/or cover letter (no attachments, please) to